Man Fook Low was born in Chinatown in the United States in 1928. It has captured the hearts of celebrities and Chinese with its authentic Cantonese dim sum, and is even regarded as a canteen by Hollywood superstars Mae West and Anna May Wong. With the mission of inheriting ingenuity and the goal of spreading deliciousness.

Man Fook Low

Man Fook Low selects high-quality and fresh seasonal seafood, and cooks it in the traditional way of Singapore, interpreting the original intention of the brand of "soul delicacy" and "ingenuity" with food. Signature must-haves are the Michelin Chef's Pepper Crab and Singapore Hot Pot. Wan Fanlai brings laksa seafood, tom yum kung and bak kut teh to white-collar office workers, to meet the needs of different scenarios for one person eating and crowd gathering. The signature laksa seafood hot pot is made with 15 kinds of ingredients. You can take a sip of the authentic laksa soup base that combines the umami taste of coconut milk, the sweetness of fresh shrimp and the spicy taste of chili; The plumpness and plumpness of live seafood; you can also gather for a moment, a delicious leisure time in Singapore. Wan Fanlai's Singapore-style postcards are specially customized for you. You can invite friends, share delicious food, and spend happy moments together.